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How it works

We've developed a first-of-its-kind education and community hub that addresses the challenges we are facing, changes to the status quo, and solutions on a whole new level.

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Watch & Learn

We’ve worked with e-learning curriculum and technology experts to developed a course aimed at helping you solve some of your biggest challenges as a promotional marketing specialists. The masterclass consists of a series of 3 Modules (each with 3-6 Lessons), covering topics such as selling to millennial buyers, navigating the digital landscape, mastering creative decoration, becoming a fabric expert and more! The course with includes fun interactions, downloadable resources and quizzes to check your understanding along the way.

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Enjoy Benefits & Prizes

Why get FAM certified? Aside from the obvious benefits of the extensive knowledge and skills you’ll acquire as a result of the masterclass, you’ll have access to all sorts of perks as you complete the FAM program, including:

  • Certification as FAM Certified, which includes a certificate of completion, a graphical insignia for your email signature block, business cards, and an added skill for your Linkedin.
  • Exclusive, by-invitation-only access to special best-in-class FAM events to include keynote speakers and continuing education.
  • Credits toward industry association education programs. • Access to the point store where you can redeem prizes such as printed samples, sample kits, gift cards and more!
  • Ongoing access to the student portal community, dialog forums boards, news, and special announcements.
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Share & Connect

Our commitment to you goes beyond just education. First and foremost, FAM is a community. Sharing ideas, making connections, asking questions and getting the support you need is at your fingertips. We’ve created a place for you to connect with other students along with the leadership team at BELLA+CANVAS.

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Learn strategies and gather tools from an industry leader to increase your competitive edge.

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