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What is FWD Fashion?

If you don't know what FWD Fashion is, now's the time to get on-board. FWD fashion is the term to explain the phenomenon dominating the retail fashion world. Thanks to FWD fashion, it's never been easier for consumers to get runway-inspired looks at affordable prices. Retailers like Zara, Topshop, and H&M have devoted their business models to being agile and quickly adopting the current trends in the fashion world. In a world once driven by seasonal launches, fashion brands are now rolling out new products monthly, which is changing the fashion industry as we know it. Let's face it - who doesn't like instant gratification?

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FWD Fashion Done Right

Many of the FWD fashion business models you are used to (think Zara, H&M, Forever21, etc) have gotten a bad rap for ethical and environmental reasons. At BELLA+CANVAS, we have made it our mission to create wholesale FWD fashion that defies stereotypes and shows the world there's a way to do it right. We're proud to say that our FWD fashion collection is manufactured in a no-sweatshop, eco-friendly way, with the vast majority of our products made right here in Los Angeles. Want to know more? Read on for how we differentiate ourselves from them.