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    We make some of the best fitting and feeling tees in the world. See what makes our apparel so incredible.


    We believe in building in America. That's why we create thousands of jobs and are the largest dyer and cutter of apparel in the USA.

  • Eco-Friendly Process

    We're committed to making tees responsibly, and have minimized our ecological footprint at every stage of our production process.

  • Innovation & Inspiration

    We are constantly pushing the envelope - developing new fabrics, new collections like Fast Fashion, and new video content every week.


  • 1992

    Danny & Marco started screen printing in their garage

  • 1995

    After recognizing the lack of women's products in the market, they launch their own cut and sew operation

  • 1998

    Bella is created and the business shifts towards manufacturing

  • 2000

    After the demand seen for Bella, Danny & Marco start to offering this same quality in a men's line and Canvas was born

  • 2002

    Bella and Canvas lines merge into the singular BELLA+CANVAS brand

  • 2010

    The company introduce the first ever 40 single triblend to the market

  • 2011

    A revolutionary new fabric for wholesale is introduced called, Flowy Poly-Viscose

  • 2012

    No COE (Carded Open End) movement emerge

  • 2016

    The industry-changing Fast Fashion collection launches

  • 2017

    BELLA+CANVAS launches a YouTube Channel, bringing the industry new educational videos every week

  • 2019

    We launch a direct to consumer retail site that is an instant success

  • 2020

    During the global pandemic, we quickly became the largest manufacturer of fabric masks in the world

  • 2021

    BELLA+CANVAS launches our first retail store in Beverly Hills



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  • 6 Ways to be a More Ecologically Sustainable Printing Shop

    Running an eco-friendly printing shop isn't a "maybe" anymore; it's practically a must since buyers expect that you're minimizing your impact on the environment as part of your ethical business practices. So yes, if you don't act sustainably, some buyers may choose to go elsewhere. The good news, however, is that sustainability is of course good for the planet, but it's also good for your shop's bottom line.


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