Resale Certificates

Please send in a signed and fully completed resale certificate for every ship-to state to If your state is not listed on a multi-state form, you cannot use it.

Please complete all fields and follow all of the following guidelines. Resale certificates not meeting these guidelines will not be processed.

  • All resale certificates must be made out to BELLA+CANVAS as the vendor/seller
  • Name of Buyer fields should be completed using the company name on your BELLA+CANVAS account and resale license
  • A statement including "For resale" must be included in any general descriptions of items/property being sold
  • If your company is registered in multiple states and/or orders are shipped to multiple states, complete the "Multi-State Uniform Resale Certificate"

The following blank resale certificates are provided for your convenience. This is not intended to be tax advice. If you have any questions regarding how to complete a resale certificate or what resale certificate is appropriate for your state, please contact your state’s Department of Revenue directly.