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Resale Certificates

Please send in a signed and fully completed resale certificate appropriate for your state to wholesale@bellacanvas.com. If your state is not listed on a multi-state form, you cannot use it.

Please complete all fields and follow all of the following guidelines. Resale certificates not meeting these guidelines will not be processed.

  • All resale certificates must be made out to BELLA+CANVAS as the vendor/seller
  • Name of Buyer fields should be completed using the company name on your BELLA+CANVAS account and resale license
  • A statement including "For resale" must be included in any general descriptions of items/property being sold

The following blank resale certificates are provided for your convenience. This is not intended to be tax advice. If you have any questions regarding how to complete a resale certificate or what resale certificate is appropriate for your state, please contact your state’s Department of Revenue directly.

If you are registering for a wholesale mask account, please send your resale documents to DailyFaceCovers_Accounts@bellacanvas.com.

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