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Frequently Asked Questions About Kids Hoodies for Wholesale

What are kids' hoodies for wholesale?

If you own a retail clothing store, you know how important it is to get a good return on investment on the products you buy and sell to your customers. Choosing what to sell — and finding the best deals on products — can be challenging, especially when it comes to kids' clothing. You want to sell fashionable goods at prices that customers are willing to pay — without skimping on quality or overcharging.

Wholesale kids' hoodies are a great alternative to many other garments you can find for your store. When shopping wholesale from suppliers like BELLA+CANVAS, you get unbeatable deals on quality bulk clothing. This allows you to sell those styles that parents and their kids love while earning a healthy profit for your retail site or store.

Why is the kids' hoodie alternative trending for wholesale buyers?

Just as adult clothing has trends and styles that change over time, so do children’s styles. As clothing in recent years has transitioned away from restrictive, uncomfortable fabrics to cozy, comfortable loungewear, children’s clothing styles have followed suit.

Because parents know the importance of dressing their children in clothes they’re comfortable running and playing in, many have gravitated to hoodies, sweatpants, and other styles. Plus, comfortable, movable fabrics are more adaptable for little ones who are always growing — a huge bonus for parents who know the woes of children growing out of a size seemingly as soon as they grew into it!

Wholesale buyers want to meet parents’ desire for their children to have clothes that move with them on their daily adventures — and don’t hinder their freedom to learn, laugh, and play. Enter the kids hoodie alternative. Wholesale hoodies — both in pullover and full-zip styles — are the ideal garment to sell in your store.

Parents love timeless, comfortable wholesale hoodies that are perfect for everything from playtime at home, going out for errands with mom or dad, and running around at the park.

Can you do direct-to-garment or screen printing on wholesale kids' hoodies?

Just because you’re selling mini-size clothing in your store doesn’t mean you can’t personalize it with whatever design you want. Whether you want to print a colorful character, an inspiring saying, or another design, our kids' hoodies and alternative styles are perfect for DTG and screen printing. Scale your design based on the size, and do a test run to make sure you get your desired result!

The synthetic fiber in the blend of our full-zip and pullover hoodies acts more like a cotton, making these kids hoodies perfect for DTG printing. Using a white underbase before printing your colored design helps ensure the color shows up boldly. You’ll also want to adjust the saturation levels and do a scratch and wash test to ensure the design passes your quality check.

When it comes to screen printing, as with any printing or embroidery method, we recommend doing a few trial runs with different colored inks and fabric to ensure you can get the desired result. And because our hoodies are made with an ultra-soft cotton and polyester blend, we also recommend using a poly ink and/or poly blocker. This helps the ink appear the best on the fabric.

With these tips, you can easily DTG and screen print any graphics or wording on your wholesale kids' hoodies for your store. Curious how different colored inks will turn out with screenprinting? Check out our print testing guide.

Does embroidery work on wholesale kids' hoodies?

You can embroider on a variety of fabrics, but it works best on heavier materials — like the fashion fleece used to make our pullover kids’ hoodies and alternative styles. This makes our wholesale kids' hoodies perfect for embroidering any logo, graphic, or other design you can imagine.

As with screen printing and DTG, you’ll want to scale your embroidery design to suit children’s sizes. Give it a test run to ensure it yields the desired result, and you’re ready to sell quality embroidered fleece hoodies in your shop!

How do you measure a kids' hoodie?

Kids are constantly growing and changing size — parents know that the second they buy a new kids' hoodie, they have to replace it with an alternative because the children have grown out of it!

With little ones growing so quickly, you want to help ensure parents can find the right size for their child to wear. BELLA+CANVAS makes it easy for parents to get the perfect fit for their children with easy measurements.

There are two important measurements to note when buying and selling wholesale kids' hoodies:

  • Body Length From HPS (High Point Shoulder): This measurement goes from the highest point on the shoulder to the bottom hem near the waist.
  • Chest: This measurement goes from the leftmost seam to the rightmost seam across the chest.

These measurements will ensure parents can choose the best size for their toddlers every time. Help parents choose the best fit hoodie by listing our size chart directly on your site or in-store.

What size range is available for kids' hoodies wholesale?

BELLA+CANVAS makes hoodies in a range of sizes so parents can get cozy, cute garments for their little ones throughout all stages of their childhood.

Our full-zip hoodies and other styles are available in 2T, 3T, 4T, and 5T. From their first steps to their early days at kindergarten, your store can offer stylish wholesale hoodies for kids to wear.

What is the minimum order size for wholesale kids' hoodies?

Like all of our styles, there is no minimum color or size requirement on domestic orders. This means you can order any mix of kids' hoodies and alternative styles you need.

You can order exactly the quantity of colors, sizes, and styles you need for your retail site or store — and nothing you don’t. This helps you get the best return on investment.

On international orders, we have a minimum of one case per style, size, and color.

What is the maker’s program, and are kids' hoodies available for wholesale through it?

If you’re a U.S. resident crafter who wants to bring your designs to life on wearable apparel but do not have a state-issued resale license, our maker’s program is for you.

You can embroider and print your designs on any BELLA+CANVAS kids' hoodies and alternative styles to sell through an approved distribution channel. This is the perfect way for artists and creators to bring their designs to life without worrying about the technicalities and legalities that come with a resale license.

Ready to get started creating your own custom wholesale kids' hoodies and other styles? Apply for our maker’s program here.

Can I purchase a mix of sizes, styles, and colors together in one order?

Yes, BELLA+CANVAS allows brands that order domestically to order whatever quantity of colors, sizes, and styles they need. Whether your store is buying only kids wholesale hoodies, adding alternative styles, or ordering for both children and adults, you can order whatever quantity you need all in one order.

We require a case minimum for each size, style, and color for international orders.

When will my wholesale kids' hoodies ship?

Shipping on domestic orders varies depending on if you select ground or same/day express.

To allow enough processing time, same-day express shipping orders should be placed by 2pm PST. Ground shipping orders placed before 12pm PST will typically be processed the same day. However, because larger orders take more time, we allow 1 to 2 days for processing on most orders.

After processing, if placed before 12pm PST Monday through Friday, orders will generally ship within 1 business day. Orders made after 12pm, meanwhile, can be expected to ship the next day.

Offer your customers the best in blank wholesale kids' hoodies with BELLA+CANVAS

If you’ve been on the hunt for premium wholesale kids' hoodies and alternative styles for your store, look no further. BELLA+CANVAS has the best in blank wholesale kids' clothing.

We offer premium styles crafted with quality materials that parents, family, and friends are happy to buy for their little ones. Whether the day takes them on an outdoor adventure, lunch with mom or dad, or playing at school with friends, BELLA+CANVAS has the quality clothes to go along for the ride.

Fashion-forward parents will be happy to dress their kids in quality fleece hoodies from your store — whether they’re simple blank designs or customized with your own creative printing and graphics.

See the benefits of purchasing kids' hoodies wholesale in bulk from BELLA+CANVAS

When shopping for wholesale kids' hoodies and alternative styles to sell in your retail site or store, you have many great reasons to buy in bulk.

Firstly, you get unbeatable prices on bulk wholesale purchases. When ordering with BELLA+CANVAS, you get access to fashion-forward, quality styles not offered by other kids' clothing wholesalers. With hundreds of color options, premium materials, and a focus on quality, you know you’re getting the best wholesale kids' hoodies and other available styles.

BELLA+CANVAS also focuses on sustainability and ethical production — which is increasingly important for consumers. We use only premium combed and ring-spun cotton — not C.O.E. — ensuring quality in all our cotton t-shirts and blends. Based in Los Angeles, we also have a Platinum W.R.A.P. certification, showing our dedication to ethical production and ensuring our team is guaranteed a sustainable work environment.

When ordering in bulk with BELLA+CANVAS, you know you’re getting premium kids' hoodies and other wholesale garments that support a better planet and ensure proper treatment of the team that makes it all possible.

BELLA+CANVAS has plain and blank kids’ clothing for all of your brand's needs

Whether you’re looking to sell minimalist clothing or want to shop blank wholesale kids' hoodies and alternative styles that you can customize with your own printing and embroidery, BELLA+CANVAS has you covered.

We offer plain pullover kids' hoodies, full-zip hoodies, crewnecks, joggers, and more. Whether your first priority is comfort, style, or quality, BELLA+CANVAS has it all. And with dozens of color options, you can order colors that suit any and every season.

Save big by purchasing wholesale kids' hoodies and alternative styles with BELLA+CANVAS

BELLA+CANVAS offers unbeatable wholesale prices on kids' hoodies and other garments. Ordering more at once means you get a lower per-unit price and save on shipping costs compared to multiple small orders. Plus, you ensure you don’t have too high of an inventory turnover – meaning you always have the sizes your customers need.

BELLA+CANVAS also has no minimum size, style, or color quantity on domestic orders, allowing you to order the exact number of each garment you need for your store. This means you can minimize dead stock, unlike when ordering with other wholesale brands that have high minimum order requirements.

With a focus on environmentally friendly and ethical production in the U.S., BELLA+CANVAS is also able to guarantee unbeatable prices without cutting corners and harming the planet or people. There’s nothing not to love with BELLA+CANVAS premium wholesale goods.

What to consider when buying kids' hoodies wholesale

Just because kids may not be shopping for themselves doesn’t mean that parents, caregivers, and friends are okay with sacrificing quality or comfort. In fact, with how active little ones are and how sensitive their skin can be, it’s especially important to ensure you’re offering quality, comfortable goods for kids.

Some important things to keep in mind when shopping for wholesale kids' hoodies and alternative styles to sell in your store include:

  • Quality: How are the goods made? Will they hold up through the daily adventures of a toddler? Ensure you’re offering quality styles that will last.
  • Comfort: There’s no worse feeling for a child than being itchy in uncomfortable or restrictive clothes when all they want to do is play and have fun. Ensure you select clothes made from premium ring-spun and combed cotton over C.O.E, and choose movable materials.
  • Style: Children often love the independence of picking their own outfits. Consider what colors, styles, and designs you’ll sell in your store. Whether it’s picked out from your store by a parent, friend, or family, choose styles that kids will be excited to wear — and not ones they’ll shy away from.

BELLA+CANVAS makes direct ordering easy

Ordering with BELLA+CANVAS is easy for businesses of every size.

As a qualified printer or distributor (PPAI/ASI), you can order directly from BELLA+CANVAS in two ways: With a BELLA+CANVAS representative or online. To order directly with a representative, contact sales@bellacanvas.com. Or order online in just a few clicks by creating an account and ordering the exact size, color, and style quantity you need. It’s that easy!

When you order directly through BELLA+CANVAS, you get access to all the sizes, styles, and colors on our site — meaning you’re never short on options to sell in your store.

Small businesses that don’t have a valid retail certificate will find it easy to order with one of our qualified wholesale partners, decorators, or distributors. Our wholesale partners make buying blank goods a breeze. Those who want a hands-off approach to selling custom-printed and embroidered goods will find it easy to partner with qualified decorators or distributors who can bring their designs to life.

Help parents determine the right size kids' hoodie before every purchase

Parents and caregivers know the challenges when the second they buy their little one a new pullover hoodie or alternative style, it seems they’ve outgrown it!

Help parents choose the right size on every order by listing our size charts directly on your site or in-store. This helps parents avoid the hassle of guessing what size their child would wear while saving your business the worry and costs of exchanges and returns. With BELLA+CANVAS size charts, ordering the perfect size kids' hoodie every time is easy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wholesale Full Zip Hoodies

Here’s what you need to know about buying the best wholesale garments in bulk for your brand. If you’re on the hunt for the best wholesale full-zip hoodies to sell in your retail store or on your site, Bella + Canvas has you covered. Choose from the best quality materials and dozens of size, style, and color variations.

What are wholesale full-zip hoodies?

Bella + Canvas wholesale full-zip hoodies are a trendy take on the classic pullover hoodie design.

Made with a quality blend of durable combed and ring-spun cotton and polyester, this style is perfect for folks of all genders and sizes with varying style preferences.

Available in a wide range of colors, you can customize Bella + Canvas full-zip hoodies with whatever screen printing, DTC printing, or embroidery you can envision. If you want to appeal to fashion-focused customers with the best fit and feel, our full-zip hoodies are perfect for your online site or store.

Why are wholesale full-zip hoodies trending?

It’s no secret that loungewear and athleisure have become increasingly popular. And much of that has been fast-tracked after offices around the world went largely remote in recent years.

Quality loungewear — including full-zip hoodies — has become a closet staple. Gone are the days of formal suits and business casual in many office spaces. Athleisure, loungewear, and comfort are here to stay.

Many clothing businesses have made it a priority to meet this consumer demand and have begun expanding their offerings in this fashion sector. Wholesale full-zip hoodies are one timeless staple that isn’t going away anytime soon.

Whether people are working from home, heading to the office, or running weekend errands, full-zip hoodies can be dressed up or down — making them perfect for a variety of occasions.

Do wholesale full-zip hoodies work for direct-to-garment printing?

While it’s widely known that direct-to-garment (DTG) printing works best on 100% cotton, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to that when choosing a print method to customize your blank hoodies and other garments.

Bella + Canvas’ synthetic materials in our blends — like those our full-zip hoodies are created with — act much like cotton. This makes our zip hoodies perfect for DTG.

However, we have a few tips to ensure you get your desired results.

  1. Use a white underbase. This will help colors appear more vibrant when DTG printing. If you prefer a vintage look, try DTG printing without this step.
  2. Toy with the pretreat level and drying setting. This will ensure you can get the right combinations to achieve your desired result.
  3. Do a scratch test. This helps ensure the ink adheres to the fabric correctly, and you won’t have quality issues with the design wearing off down the road.
  4. Play around until you get your desired result. It may take a little trial and error at first, but as you become more familiar with how the DTG printing turns out on your full-zip hoodies, you’ll be able to quickly achieve your desired designs.

Do wholesale full-zip hoodies work for screen printing?

Like our wholesale t-shirts, pullovers, and other products, Bella + Canvas wholesale full-zip hoodies are great for screen printing. We have a few tips to make screen printing on your hoodies a success.

Because our full-zip hoodies contain polyester in the quality fabric blend, we recommend using a poly ink and/or poly blocker. This will help you get the best results when screen printing on this fabric.

Obviously, with the zipper in the middle of your full-zip hoodies, you’ll want to be mindful of how you’d place a larger design across the front. Consider screenprinting a smaller design across one side of the chest, or opt for the back, as that will be easiest. However, if you’re feeling creative and are willing to work around the zipper, you could definitely print a large design across the front, sleeves, or hood if you desire.

We recommend doing a test run with different colors to ensure you get the desired result with each color fabric and ink combination. Check out our print testing guide to see the results of different fabric printing color combinations.

Do wholesale full-zip hoodies work for embroidery?

Heavier fabric works best to hold threads together when embroidering. This makes Bella + Canvas’ full-zip hoodies — made with a durable combed and ring-spun cotton and polyester blend — ideal for embroidery.

Whether you want a small decal on the chest or a large one across the back of the hoodie, this material is perfect for all your embroidery designs.

How do you measure a full-zip hooded sweatshirt?

There are a few important measurements to know for full-zip hooded sweatshirts. Knowing how this garment is measured will help you recommend the right sizes to your customers, minimizing exchanges and returns.

The two measurements to know for full-zip hooded sweatshirts are:

  • Body Length from HPS (high point of shoulder): This is the measurement from the top of the shoulder to the bottom seam (which lies at the waist).
  • Chest: This is the measurement from the farthest point of the left side of the chest to the opposite side on the right (going across the chest).

Luckily, Bella + Canvas has a size chart you can list directly on your site or in your store to help customers choose the best fit every time.

What size range is available for wholesale full-zip hoodies?

Like all Bella + Canvas products, we offer a range of sizes in our wholesale full-zip hoodies so you can give all your customers the style and color options they desire and deserve.

Our fashion-forward full-zip hoodies are available in sizes XS to 3XL. You can stock a wide range of sizes on your site or in your store for a broad range of customers.

What is the minimum order size for wholesale full-zip hoodies?

If you’re located in the U.S., there is no minimum size, style, or color requirement on domestic orders. You can order the exact numbers you need for your clothing business. Mix and match any quantity of different sizes, styles, and colors of full-zip hoodies.

For international orders, we require a full case minimum on orders. A case usually has 72 items of a single color, style, and size, but this can vary from 12 to 96 units depending on the individual style.

What is the maker’s program for crafters?

Our maker’s program is for U.S. resident crafters who do not have a state-issued resale license.

This program is for printers and embroiderers who plan to sell uniquely designed Bella + Canvas products through approved distribution channels. It gives you a way to sell your artfully crafted designs and see them come to life on real wearable garments — without the hassle of getting a resale license.

To join our maker’s program, apply here.

Can I purchase a variety of sizes and colors together in one order?

Yes, you can feel free to mix and match whatever combination of sizes, styles, and colors you need for your site in your domestic order. At Bella + Canvas, we know how your needs for your site or shop can vary, and we want to accommodate that.

Whether you need 15 wholesale full-zip hoodies in 15 different colors in sizes XS to 3XL, or you need a varied number in each size and color, you can rest assured that you only have to order the exact number you need.

We require a case minimum for each style, color, and size variation for international orders.

How long does shipping take for wholesale full-zip hoodies?

The shipping time on your order will depend on whether you choose standard ground shipping or same day/express shipping.

Often, we can process orders same-day. However, because large orders (i.e. 6,000 units) take a little more time, from the time your order is placed, we allow 1 to 2 days for processing. Orders placed Monday to Friday before 12pm PST will generally ship within 1 business day. Orders placed after 12pm will typically be shipped the next business day.

For same day and express shipping, orders should be placed by 2pm PST.

Discover premium quality wholesale full-zip hoodies

When searching for quality blank full-zip hoodies and other garments to sell on your retail site or in-store, it can be overwhelming trying to sort through all the options.

Luckily, Bella + Canvas has you covered. With premium quality materials and dozens of style, size, and color options, you can select the pieces that perfectly suit your customers. Our blank designs are also perfect for customizing with your print or embroidery designs — meaning the sky's the limit.

And with no minimums on domestic orders, you can order exactly the size, color, and style quantity you need — and nothing you don’t.

See the benefits of purchasing wholesale full-zip hoodies in bulk from Bella + Canvas

If you’re on the hunt for quality wholesale full-zip hoodies and other goods for your retail store at unbeatable prices, Bella + Canvas has you covered. Made with premium quality materials and ethical and sustainable practices, you won’t find garments of this quality anywhere else.

When you buy wholesale in bulk, you get access to our quality goods at discounted prices. This means you earn a better ROI and can quickly see your profits grow. Whether you decide to sell your wholesale full-zip hoodies as-is to your customers or add custom printing or embroidery, you’ll quickly see the benefits of buying wholesale with Bella + Canvas.

Plus, with no minimum size, color, or style requirement on domestic orders, you can order the exact number of full-zip hoodies or other garments you need in bulk.

Interested in ordering private-label? Bella + Canvas offers full customization for your brand on larger orders — down to the stitching and tag.

Discover wholesale full-zip hoodies styles and materials

Bella + Canvas full-zip hoodies come in fashion-forward styles. Your customers won’t be able to get enough of the premium materials blend our zip hoodies and other street fleece collection garments are made with.

We use only quality combed and ring-spun cotton — not C.O.E. And the polyester in our blend acts more like a cotton, giving it a soft and cozy — not synthetic — feel.

Our classic wholesale full-zip fleece hoodie is a favorite — but our customers also love our sueded fleece zip hoodies, our triblend sponge fleece hoodies, and all of our pullovers. No matter what you’re searching for, Bella + Canvas has the continually updated styles you and your customers want.

Shop plain and blank clothing for all of your brand's needs

Whether you’re looking for blank designs to offer your customers a minimalist look or you want to customize blank full-zip hoodies and other garments with custom embroidery and printing, Bella + Canvas has you covered. We offer the best in quality blank hoodies, sweatpants, and more.

Our full-zip hoodies are perfect for bringing your designs to life. Want to DTG print an intricate design on the back of a hoodie? Bella + Canvas products are perfect for that. Want a small embroidery design across one side of the chest? Made with a heavier fabric, Bella + Canvas’ fleece hoodies are the ideal material for embroidery.

With Bella + Canvas, the sky's the limit for creating custom items with plain and blank wholesale clothing.

Bella + Canvas lets you save by purchasing full-zip hoodies in bulk

When you shop for bulk wholesale full-zip hoodies from Bella + Canvas, you get discounted prices on top-quality goods. This allows you to save more money and maximize profits for your business.

Whether you’re searching for private label or blank wholesale, you’ll see unbeatable savings on top-quality full-zip hoodies, matching sweatpants, and more. When you save money stocking up on goods for your site, you can more quickly scale your business — and grow your bottom line.

Take advantage of no style, size, or color minimums on domestic orders and get exactly what you need while saving on bulk wholesale styles. That’s the Bella + Canvas advantage.

What to consider when buying wholesale full-zip hoodies wholesale

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a wholesale supplier for your business. When shopping around for bulk wholesale full-zip hoodies and other garments, there are a few important things to consider for your brand.

First, you want to find a brand that focuses on quality. Look for a supplier or manufacturer that uses premium materials — like combed and ring-spun cotton instead of C.O.E. Also, look for someone that doesn’t use tubular production practices. This can help ensure you’ll get durable goods that will last.

Next, pay attention to the company's production practices. Do they have certifications to show they’re focused on sustainability? Do they ensure fair, ethical treatment of all their employees? These are great indicators if a wholesale company is one you want to support.

Lastly, you want to ensure you’re shopping with a company that’s current with the latest fits. A company like Bella + Canvas continually updates its style and color options to ensure you can offer full-zip hoodies and other garments that are on-trend with what consumers are searching for.

Buy full-zip hoodies directly with one of our representatives

Ordering full-zip wholesale hoodies and other garments from Bella + Canvas is easy. You can order with a representative or place an order online.

Qualified contract printers or distributors (PPAI/ASI) can reach out directly to a representative at sales@bellacanvas.com to make an order. They’ll help you get all the size, style, and color options you need for your retail business. Or you can create an account and order wholesale goods directly on our site.

Those without a valid resale certificate can partner with one of our qualified wholesale partners. Or you can work with a full-service decorator and printer who can help you create unique designs that are ready to sell in-store. Bella + Canvas makes ordering easy, with options for businesses of every size.

It's easy for customers to determine their right size before any purchase

Any clothing business owner knows the woes of customers trying to guess the right size. Especially with online shopping, it can be difficult to determine what size full-zip hoodie or other style will be the best fit.

Luckily, Bella + Canvas has a size chart that makes it easy for your customers to find the best fit from the start — minimizing exchanges and returns. You can list it right on your site to help your shoppers determine the size they need.

And because we make our hoodies in a wide range of sizes — from XS to 3XL — you can cater to a wide range of customers and rest assured that everyone has a fit that’s comfortable for them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Infant Sweatshirts for Wholesale

When you’re thinking of making an infant sweatshirt wholesale purchase, Bella + Canvas has what you need. Whether hanging out at home or going out to adorably charm everyone they go past, babies can sport our comfortable, stylish attire. Here’s some of what you need to know about buying our infant sweatshirts to sell as blanks or to redecorate with your own custom designs.

What is the infant sweatshirt?

An infant sweatshirt is a top specifically designed for very young children – typically newborns up to several months old – to wear. Certain brands may also refer to it as baby clothing, and it’s usually made of soft material to ensure the little one’s comfort. The tiniest fashionistas often sport this type of clothing once the weather gets cold, such as in the fall and winter and during unseasonably chilly days throughout the year. 

Why is the infant sweatshirt trending for wholesale buyers?

There’s no doubt that baby clothing is a major market. Although many parents opt for hand-me-downs and secondhand pieces, they also usually buy at least some new baby clothes. Their loved ones may also buy new baby clothes as “just because” gifts or for special events and occasions like holidays and baby showers, especially if tempted by the sweet designs. Essentially, there’s always going to be a need for baby clothes and many people are ready to spend their money on them.

Wholesale buyers interested in selling infant sweatshirts in their brick-and-mortar or online store typically find that it’s best to buy in bulk. It gives them the opportunity to sell blanks, sell decorated pieces that feature their own designs, or offer both, so their customers have a choice of what they want to buy that would be best for their business and clientele. Buying in bulk ensures their shoppers always have access to plenty of high-quality sweatshirts for the tiniest customers.

Are wholesale infant sweatshirts compatible with direct-to-garment printing?

Generally speaking, you can use wholesale infant sweatshirts for direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. However, certain factors determine whether you can use them for your specific DTG printing design plan.

For example, make sure the design you want on the sweatshirts is compatible with the DTG process and the color of the sweatshirt you're going to use. While those are certainly important, even more important is the fabric composition of the infant sweatshirts. The best types of fabric to use for DTG printing are cotton. Cotton blends may also work, but opt for the sweatshirts with the highest percentage of cotton.

Are wholesale infant sweatshirts compatible with screen printing?

Just as with DTG printing, it’s possible to use wholesale infant sweatshirts for screen printing, but certain factors can affect whether it’s the right option for you and your order. 

Due to the screen printing process, a simple, limited color palette works best, unlike with DTG printing, where you can incorporate numerous colors into your design. However, screen printing is typically ideal for larger infant sweatshirt wholesale orders, while DTG printing is often utilized for smaller orders. Additionally, DTG allows for a faster turnaround time, while the more complex screen printing process takes longer. 

Not sure if screen printing or DTG would be best for your infant sweatshirt wholesale order? Reach out to Bella + Canvas, and we can discuss which would be best for your particular design, fabric choice preference, turnaround time, and the number of sweatshirts needed. 

Can infant sweatshirts for wholesale be used for embroidery?

When it comes to embroidery, you’re likely going to hear the term “heavy” or some version of it regarding the type of fabric you should use. This is because the heavier the fabric, the better it tends to handle the embroidery. 

It’s possible to embroider on infant sweatshirts, but once again, natural fabrics – especially cotton – work best, and if you opt for a blend, it should have a high cotton percentage. Additionally, the simpler the design for the infant sweatshirts, the better it may be if you’re doing it in bulk.

If you have questions about whether your embroidery design would work on your infant sweatshirt wholesale order, contact Bella + Canvas, and we can assist you. 

How do you measure an infant sweatshirt?

Rather than going by letters for sizing (with the exception of a "preemie" size), baby sizes go by month ranges, such as 0 - 3 months. However, because infants can vary in size, from weight to length, it’s important to understand how the sizing works for the brand you want to buy from to ensure a proper fit. So reviewing size charts is essential. 

So how do you measure the sweatshirt itself? You’ll need a measuring tape, a table, and a sweatshirt. There are several measurements to take; make sure you write everything down accurately, so that you can provide those measurements verbally to your customers or detail them in a product description. 

What size range is available for my infant sweatshirt wholesale order?

You can find the various sizes for Bella + Canvas infant sweatshirts in this Baby Fit & Size Chart. It starts at 3 to 6 months, which corresponds to 12 - 16-pounds with a length of 20” - 25”. Next up is 6 to 12 months for 16 - 22-pounds for a length of 25” - 28”, and it goes up from there. If you want to buy sweatshirts that are ideal for infants, you may find your best choice would be the first option in the 3 to 6 month range.

However, we always recommend checking the sizing chart on each product you want to order, which guarantees you get the correct-sized product you need. If the size you want doesn't seem to be available, contact a Bella + Canvas representative.

What is the minimum order size for wholesale infant sweatshirts?

As you prepare to place a standard infant sweatshirt wholesale order, a minimum order amount depends on your location. Bella + Canvas customers in the United States won’t encounter any minimum order sizes (regarding the cost or quantity of items) when they place an order. Order processing normally occurs within one business day, we typically ship via UPS, and you may have to plan to provide a signature upon delivery. 

Interested in placing a custom order via The Private Label Program? In this case, there’s a minimum order for each style/color, and due to the customization process, the order will take longer from start-to-finish. Reach out to Bella + Canvas about the type of order your business needs, and we can help you get started.

International Bella + Canvas customers have a minimum order requirement – you must order by the case, which has a specific number of pieces in each depending on the garment. Contact us, and we can discuss international shipping options and supply information about how long it may take.

What is a Maker’s Account and are infant sweatshirts available for wholesale through it?

A Maker’s Account, which differs from a Wholesale Account, is open to decorators who want to make an infant sweatshirt wholesale purchase (or buy other items) but don’t have a resale license. Should you get a resale license in the future, you can switch over after a few business days to a standard Wholesale Account as long as you provide the proper documentation to Bella + Canvas and it’s approved. In the meantime, you won't be able to make will-call purchases, but you can place orders for infant sweatshirts and have them shipped to you. 

Can I include a variety of sizes and colors together in one order?

Yes! Should you need to, you can put a variety of sizes and colors together in one order from Bella + Canvas, whether you’re ordering infant sweatshirts, another type of clothing, or a variety of different styles. We’re all about making the ordering process as simple as possible, so feel free to contact one of our helpful representatives who can assist you with your purchase.

What is the fabric composition of infant sweatshirts from Bella + Canvas?

Unfortunately, there’s not a generalized answer we can give as to what the fabric composition is of our infant sweatshirts, but we can tell you that all the materials are high quality.

The fabrication can vary from one infant sweatshirt to the next, but if you go to the Product Details section of each baby clothing product you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find a full breakdown of percentages.

Does Bella + Canvas offer additional infant clothing items?

In addition to selling infant sweatshirts, Bella + Canvas currently offers other infant clothing items, which is fantastic for those considering increasing their stock of baby clothes. Our available inventory can change over time, but our current infant clothing offerings also consist of multiple short sleeve t-shirts and short sleeve onesies.

Although labeled as “infant” clothing, the pieces are available in sizes up to 24 months. Colors range from white to pink to yellow, so it’s easy to find the colored blanks you want, whether you’re selling the infant clothing as is or you're going to decorate them with your special custom designs.

How long does shipping take for a wholesale infant sweatshirt order?

Depending on your order, you may find that shipping is going to be the longest part of the process for receiving your Bella + Canvas infant sweatshirts. Understandably, our customers want to know more about the process and how long it’s likely to take to receive their shipment. Let’s discuss more about our processing and shipping times.

The time by which you place an order can dictate the processing time length. Bella + Canvas has a cutoff weekday processing time that may occasionally change, so before placing an order, double-check what that current time is if you're hoping for potential same day shipping. After that cutoff time, it can take up to two business days for processing, especially for large orders which may take longer. 

If you place an order on a weekend and at certain times of the year, the processing time may increase. We recommend placing an order on a non-holiday weekday if possible. Should you need your order by a specific day and time, please contact us beforehand so we can give you an estimate as to how long the processing and shipping times may take and by when you might receive your shipment.

Once your infant sweatshirt wholesale order ships, we’ll update your account and send an email with all the relevant information, so you'll always know what's going on with your shipment. Orders placed through The Private Label Program will require more time overall, and we provide a more detailed timeline once we learn the specifics of your order.

Bella + Canvas usually ships via UPS, and we currently offer three options: UPS Ground, UPS Two Day, and UPS Next Day. Shipping is currently free for orders that are $50 and up, but please note we don’t ship to P.O. Boxes. At this time, we ship internationally to Bella + Canvas customers in Puerto Rico, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, but as stated above, there are order minimums for international customers. 

At Bella + Canvas, we want our customers to get their infant sweatshirt wholesale orders as soon as possible. However, factors such as when you place your order, holidays, and inclement weather may result in longer processing and/or shipping times. 

Have questions about placing an infant sweatshirt wholesale order or about your existing order? Please reach out to Bella + Canvas customer support. When you contact us, have as many details ready as possible so we can provide you with accurate information about your specific order.

Boost Your Baby Clothing Selections with Infant Sweatshirts From Bella + Canvas

Think your clothing business can benefit from an infant sweatshirt wholesale purchase from Bella + Canvas? We think so too, but we want our customers to feel 100 percent comfortable and confident with their order, so let’s talk about these adorable and comfy pieces of clothing that many of our clients already love. 

Benefits of Buying Bella + Canvas Infant Sweatshirts

If you’re considering buying infant sweatshirts from Bella + Canvas, you probably want to know why you should. For starters, our customer service is top-notch, but we’ll talk more about that later. 

We pride ourselves on creating infant sweatshirts that kids love snuggling up in, parents love buying for their children, and brands feel good about selling. The sweatshirts are soft, warm, and stylish, so they’ll have little ones looking great while staying cozy. In addition, they are durable and can stand up to frequent washings – probably one of their most important qualities as a piece of infant apparel. 

Buying Blank Clothing for Your Brand

One of the best reasons to buy blank infant sweatshirts for your brand is that it provides versatility to you and your customers. The clothes look just as great as blanks as they would with a custom design or logo, making them a fantastic option for your business and/or clientele to potentially modify. 

When businesses give their clients multiple reasons to purchase a specific type of clothing – like infant sweatshirts – it offers those shoppers several reasons to keep buying. Kids' clothes, even selections for babies who aren’t yet running around outdoors and playing in the dirt, need to be durable and withstand multiple washings. Customers must feel confident that they're receiving excellent high-quality items, which Bella + Canvas sweatshirts are, so they know they’re getting a product that’s worth buying. 

Save with Your Bulk Purchase From Bella + Canvas

Making a bulk infant sweatshirt wholesale purchase from Bella + Canvas means you have the chance to save money on your order. If you were to buy the blank infant sweatshirts one piece at a time, the total cost of the pieces would likely be more than making a single wholesale bulk purchase. We also offer free shipping on orders costing more than $50, so that can help you save additional money while buying the infant sweatshirts. 

Considerations Before Making an Infant Sweatshirt Wholesale Purchase

There are several considerations to keep in mind before making an infant sweatshirt wholesale purchase from Bella + Canvas. One of the first is – of course – how many sweatshirts you’re going to require. Let us know how many you need and in what colors, and we can assist you with your order. 

The sizes are also important. Check out our “Baby Fit & Size Chart” which offers a detailed guideline of how our baby age size ranges correspond to a baby’s length and weight. For our infant clothing, including infant sweatshirts, our first available size is 3 to 6 months, which fits 12 - 16 pounds and 20” - 25” in length. 

Determining Sizing Needs Before Buying Infant Sweatshirts

If you're trying to determine what sizes you’ll need to order, the first thing to do is consider your demographic. Since you’re interested in making an infant sweatshirt wholesale purchase, you’ll likely feel the 3 to 6 months size would be best. Should you decide you also want to potentially cater to older children, we offer sweatshirts in additional youth sizes. Our “Baby Fit & Size Chart” runs from 3 to 6 months up to 5T, but make sure when you’re ordering different types of sweatshirts that you review the sizing chart on each product page so you know what sizes are available for each particular item.

Should you want to offer or currently already sell both kids and adult clothes, another option to consider is selling parent-size sweatshirts that complement the infant sweatshirts you’re buying. Bella + Canvas has unisex and women’s sweatshirts in a variety of styles and colors, so you have plenty of opportunities to make it happen to offer comfortable, stylish, color-coordinated sweatshirts for the whole family. 

Styles and Materials of Infant Sweatshirts

We’ve already talked about the sizing of infant sweatshirts, but how about the available styles and materials? Since we offer a range of products, your best option is to carefully read each product description to see what we have in stock. 

If you’re searching for infant sweatshirts, type “infant” into our search feature at the top of our website, and it will pull up any style of infant clothing we have available at the moment. Above the name of each product, you’ll see what colors are available for that particular item. 

Click on a product, and beneath the product description section below the blurb, you’ll see information about its features and fabrication. It’s easy to learn about the product, including what material(s) it’s made of. If you’re looking for an infant sweatshirt in a particular style or material, feel free to contact our Bella + Canvas customer service representatives who can help you with your search. 

Buying Directly with Bella + Canvas

When you’re ready to make your infant sweatshirt wholesale purchase, you can buy online by perusing the Bella + Canvas website, but another option is to directly contact our representatives. They can assist you with making your purchase, answer any of your questions, and help you with specific details of ordering and shipping. 

Are you a new customer of Bella + Canvas? If so, welcome! We look forward to working with you. Whether you’re new or you’re an existing customer, don’t hesitate to ask about any potential discounts, such as how to qualify for free shipping.

Our representatives are available to answer your questions Monday through Friday PST unless we’re closed for a holiday. 

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