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This mid-weight, 6 oz t shirt, constructed entirely from our incredibly soft, proprietary Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, features dropped shoulders and a more relaxed silhouette for an overall boxier fit.

Features: Side-seamed. Drop shoulder. Mid-weight.

Fabrication: 100% Airlume combed and Ring-Spun Cotton, 20 Single, 6 oz/yd


Wholesale Pullover Hoodies Commonly Asked Questions

If you’re looking to buy fleece pullover hoodies wholesale for your brand, here’s what you need to know. BELLA+CANVAS is the premier blank clothing for your brand, with hundreds of color and size combinations to choose from. A fashion-forward, modern design coupled with premium quality materials makes BELLA+CANVAS hoodies the perfect choice for your online store.

Can I use direct-to-garment printing on pullover hoodies?

Yes, like many of our other products, you can do direct-to-garment (DTG) printing on our wholesale pullover hoodies. Because the synthetic material in our fabric blends acts more like cotton, our blends — like that of our fleece pullover hoodies — have similar print results to a 100% cotton t-shirt.

The key with DTG printing is to experiment with the pretreat saturation level (ranging from 1% to 200%), the ink level that goes on top of the pretreat, and the drying level. Adjust these in small amounts to achieve the desired look of the design on your hoodies.

For many fabric colors, it’s best to use a white underbase. This will give your print a vibrant appearance. However, if you prefer a vintage look, let the DTG ink get shot down, so it lays directly on top of the fabric. And don’t forget to do a wash and scratch test to ensure the DTG printing holds to the fabric the way you want it to.

Can I use screen printing on pullover hoodies?

Yes, as the best manufacturer of blank clothing, our ultra-soft sponge fleece pullover hoodies are ideal for screen printing whatever graphics, text, or other design your brand desires.

Our wholesale pullover hoodies are made of a blend of combed and ring-spun cotton and polyester. We recommend using a poly ink and/or poly blocker for our pullover hoodies, as this works best with the polyester in the fabric blend. We also recommend doing a sample run to ensure the screenprinting turns out as desired before completing a large quantity.

Check out our full print testing guide for everything you need to know about screen printing on different colored fabrics.

Can I do custom embroidery on pullover hoodies?

A heavier fabric that will hold threads together is ideal for clothing embroidery. This makes the top-selling premium street fleece that our wholesale pullover hoodies are made with an ideal medium for your shop's custom embroidery.

Whether your art is large or small, BELLA+CANVAS hoodies are the perfect material for all your fashion embroidery designs. From embroidered text to imagery, there's no shortage of what you can do with BELLA+CANVAS blank designs.

What size range is available for wholesale pullover hoodies?

Like all of our products, BELLA+CANVAS pullover hoodies are available in a wide range of sizes to suit all customers. Our unisex pullover hoodies are available in sizes XS to 3XL.

We also offer dozens of colors — and have more options on the way — so you can find the perfect combination for your brand.

What is the minimum order size for wholesale pullover hoodies?

There is no minimum order quantity or value for domestic shipments on pullover hoodie wholesale orders. You can choose any combination of pullover hoodie colors and sizes that you need for your brand.

International orders must be ordered in cases. A full case will range from 12–96, depending on the particular style and sizes ordered, but it typically includes 72 pieces of a style/color.

What are the benefits of purchasing pullover hoodie wholesale in bulk from BELLA+CANVAS?

BELLA+CANVAS is the leader in fashion-forward blank apparel. With plush, quality materials, modern fits, and dozens of color and size variations to choose from, we’re the top choise for brands looking for wholesale, customizable pullover hoodies for their brand.

If you can dream it, it’s possible with BELLA+CANVAS. Whether you’re looking to screen print, DTG, or embroider pullover hoodies, we’ve got quality goods at unbeatable wholesale bulk prices. Plus, there’s no minimum order size or value when shipping domestically.

When you order directly through BELLA+CANVAS, you also gain exclusive access to all of our fwd fashion styles, where we launch new designs every month. This means you can continually offer your customers the best and latest styles.

Can I purchase a variety of sizes and colors together in one order?

Yes, when ordering domestic pullover hoodies wholesale, you can customize your order with whatever size and color combinations you need for your brand. There are no quantity or value minimums.

However, there are minimums on international and custom (private label) orders. International orders have a case minimum of 12–96, depending on the size and style. A typical case is around 72. Private label orders have a 25,000 unit minimum per each style and color, but that number can vary based on style.

How long does shipping take for whoelsale pullover hoodies?

Once your pullover hoodie wholesale order is placed, please allow 1-2 business days for processing. If your ground shipment order is placed by 4pm PST, we may be able to process it that day. However, because larger orders take more time, we ask for 1-2 days for processing. Sameday orders must be placed by 1pm PST.

For private labels, expect 1-3 weeks for the development process — including lab dips, tech packs, and sample approval. From there, lead time starts at two weeks.

Once processing is complete, you can expect orders to ship in 1-2 business days.

How To Buy Blank Wholesale Pullover Hoodies in Bulk

If you’re looking to buy premium blank wholesale pullover hoodies in bulk, look no further than BELLA+CANVAS. Whether you’re a large brand, small business, or custom print shop, BELLA+CANVAS has options for you to order bulk pullover hoodies wholesale.

As a qualified contract printer or distributor (PPAI/ASI), you can order wholesale directly from BELLA+CANVAS. Decorators (contract and full-service screen printers and embroiderers) and brands can also order directly from our site. Choose from dozens of color options and a wide range of size options — from XS to 3XL — to find the blank pullover hoodie for your next design.

BELLA+CANVAS also makes it easy for those who don’t qualify to order directly from one of our qualified wholesale partners, like Alphabroder and S&S. You could also work with one of our full-service decorators, like Deluxe Screen Printing or Shirt Agency, to bring your designs to life. Our full-service screen printers and embroiderers not only offer you the quality BELLA+CANVAS pullover hoodies you desire — they can also print or embroider your custom brand creations so they’re ready to sell in your shop when they arrive on your doorstep.

How BELLA+CANVAS Makes Pullover Hoodie Wholesale Purchases Easier

Buying blank wholesale pullover hoodies in bulk for your brand shouldn’t be hard. You want to give your customers the size, color, and high quality that represents your brand. That’s why at BELLA+CANVAS, we ensure top quality in all of our pullover hoodie wholesale orders.

We offer the fashion-forward fit your customers desire, with blank designs that can be customized to your brand at premium wholesale prices. Plus, it’s easy to order the exact number of size and color options that you need — on domestic orders, we don’t have any minimum quantity or value thresholds that many other pullover hoodie wholesalers require.

Qualified brands, decorators, and contract printers or distributors can order directly from the BELLA+CANVAS website. With a standard 1-2 day processing time and the option for same-day orders, BELLA+CANVAS makes ordering your wholesale pullover hoodies and other garments a breeze.

We also make it easy for small businesses and other brands to order wholesale directly from one of our partners. Check out our guide to buying wholesale pullover hoodies for your brand.

Discover BELLA+CANVAS’ Most Populat Wholesale Pullover Hoodie Colors

Whether you’re searching for a classic red, a basic blue, or a specific shade of purple, BELLA+CANVAS has dozens of options to choose from for your pullover hoodie wholesale order.

Our primary colors and neutrals — including red, yellow, green, white, black, navy, and gray — are some of our most popular choices. However, it doesn’t stop there. BELLA+CANVAS is loved for the hundreds of unique varieties of colors we offer. If you’re searching for blue pullover hoodies to buy wholesale, why not consider true royal, heather deep teal, or heather blue lagoon? If you’re searching for a neutral tone, BELLA+CANVAS offers tan, heather sand dune, french vanilla, dark gray heather, and more.

We even offer unique variations like heather mustard, poppy, strobe, and more. There’s no shortage of pullover hoodie colors to discover with BELLA+CANVAS.

It's Easy for Customers to Determine the Right Size

Don’t leave customers wondering what size they should order from your brand. BELLA+CANVAS makes it easy for you to help your customers choose their right size, with full sizing charts you can share directly on your website.

With chest and body length measurements, size charts minimize product returns and exchanges. Use BELLA+CANVAS size charts directly on your site to help customers choose the perfect fit pullover hoodie the first time and every time.

Discover Blank Pullover Hoodies for All of Your Project Needs

Whether you’re looking to embroider a small version of your logo on the breast of a pullover hoodie or want to print a large graphic on the front and back, BELLA+CANVAS has something for all your project needs.

Simply select the style, color, and sizes you want to order, and you have the blank wholesale pullover hoodies to achieve your product vision. With dozens of colors to choose from in premium fleece material, BELLA+CANVAS has you covered. And with no minimum quantity or value required on domestic orders, you can experiment with different colors and designs in your store to give consumers the styles they crave.

Our products provide the quality materials you want in a blank canvas that you can customize with your embroidered branding, printed graphics and art, and more.

Have Total Control Over Customization and Personalization of Your Pullover Hoodies

BELLA+CANVAS can make your pullover hoodie wholesale vision come to life with ultimate customization and personalization. If you can dream it, BELLA+CANVAS can do it.

Our Private Label program offers near-limitless customization options to create your brand designs. Choose from hundreds of colors and a wide range of custom patterns, fabric, and more. Want a specific color of stitching? BELLA+CANVAS can do it. We can even saw a custom label into your pullover hoodies for the ultimate branding.

BELLA+CANVAS’ development process is complete with custom lab dips, tech packs, and development sample approval. In just 1-3 weeks, you can go from vision to final development sample approval. From there, lead times begin at just two weeks.

Starting with a 25,000 item limit on custom orders, BELLA+CANVAS is the premier choice to create unique, custom designs from the blank slate that is all of our hoodies.

Give Customers the Styles and Materials They Will Love

BELLA+CANVAS offers premium materials in fashion-forward fits that your customers want. Gone are the days of shopping with the many wholesalers that offer shapeless and uncomfortable blank pullover hoodies.

With super-soft sponge fleece in a large array of colors, BELLA+CANVAS offers the freshest styles in the industry. Plus, with our fwd fashion, we're always adding new styles and colors — ensuring you can give your customers the latest fits and colors they crave. BELLA+CANVAS is the perfect intersection of style and comfort, giving you the blank slate to embroider or print your designs on whatever color pullover hoodie suits your brand. Meet your consumers at the place where streetwear and fashion meet, with stylish and design-forward blank pullover hoodies exclusively from BELLA+CANVAS.

Made in Los Angeles with eco-friendly processes, BELLA+CANVAS also appeals to increasingly eco- and ethically-conscious consumers. We are Platinum WRAP certified in our workplaces and committed to CO2 and water reduction during processes. You not only get premium fashion made from premium materials, you get a pullover hoodie wholesaler with premium practices that you can be proud to share with your customers.

Save Big by Purchasing Pullover Hoodies Directly on the BELLA+CANVAS Website

When you order directly through BELLA+CANVAS, you get access to top-quality pullover hoodies at premium wholesale prices. With no minimum quantity or value on domestic orders, you’re free to order the exact color, size, and style combination your brand needs. We make it easy for qualified brands, decorators, contract printers, and distributors to order directly from our site.

If you don’t have an account already, simply apply to create one. As a contract or full-service screen printer, you’ll need to show that you own and operate your own equipment. If you’re a brand, we may need proof of your company’s website, e-commerce, or retail locations. If you’** a decorator or distributor, we’ll need an ASI or PPAI number. 

Provide a valid resale certificate in the state where you do business — or ensure you’re in line with any other qualifications your area has. After submitting your application with all the right qualifications, BELLA+CANVAS will approve you, and you’ll be able to order pullover hoodies wholesale — direct from our site. It’s that easy. Shop our wide range of colors, sizes, and styles to find the right blank pulloverhoodies for your brand.

If you have any questions, reach out to customer service at sales@bellacanvas.com, and our team will be happy to help with your application or account.

Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt Commonly Asked Questions

What is a drop shoulder sweatshirt?

A dropped shoulder sweatshirt is a pullover with a classic crewneck design and a relaxed fit. In comparison to the set-in sleeve of a traditional fitting top, the armhole of the dropped shoulder design falls at the top of the arm.

How and why is the drop shoulder sweatshirt trending?

The dropped shoulder sweatshirt is currently trending because of its streetwear appeal. The sweatshirts' unisex fit is perfect for both male and female consumers as it caters to their need for breathable athleisure items that suit their changing, everyday lives. This BELLA+CANVAS feature is perfect for hitting the gym or wearing to work-from-home meetings without having to skip a beat.

Do drop shoulder sweatshirts work for direct-to-garment printing?

We recommend checking with the manufacturer of your direct printing machines for specifics. During the curing process, some ink colors are subject to change because of the fabric's polyester contents.

Do drop shoulder sweatshirts work for screen printing?

Yes, the BELLA+CANVAS dropped shoulder sweatshirt does work for screen-printing. We recommend using a poly-blocker with a white under-base to avoid the discoloration of dyes that may occur in polyester blends.

Do drop shoulder sweatshirts work for embroidery?

Yes, the design is suitable for embroidery.

How do you measure a drop shoulder?

To measure a drop shoulder, begin at the center back of your neck and measure out to the top of your arm, passing the armhole. Depending on how dramatic you desire the drop shoulder to be, this measurement will vary. Follow by measuring the circumference of the arm to determine the size of the armhole itself.

What size range is available for drop shoulder sweatshirts?

Sizes for the dropped shoulder sweatshirt range from extra small to double extra large. BELLAS+CANVAS offers such an array of sizes to choose from because we want to make wholesale purchasing as simple as possible for your brand.

What is the minimum order size for dropped shoulder sweatshirts?

A minimum order size for dropped shoulder sweatshirts is not required for shipments within the United States. For international orders, products must be ordered by the case.

Can I purchase a variety of sizes and colors together in one order?

Yes, you can purchase a variety order by clicking the 'Private Label' tab. BELLA+CANVAS Private Label Program allows you to make specific order customizations that can include stitching options, fabric and pattern variations, and even custom labeling. Depending on the size of your order, lead times will vary.

How long does shipping take for dropped shoulder sweatshirts?

Typically, dropped shoulder sweatshirts will ship out within 1-2 business days. However, orders placed by 1 pm PST may be shipped within the same day. Allow 1-2 business days for orders to process once your order is placed.

Let us help you embrace being different - let BELLA+CANVAS be a part of your unique story.

The 3945 Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt is the perfect pullover crewneck for anyone wanting that go-to piece for the season. This American-made staple is crafted with durability and comfort in mind. Created from a resilient and beautiful polyester-cotton blend with ribbed band finishes, the drop shoulder sweatshirt is easily transformable for effortless day-to-night looks that completely align with this year's streetwear trends.

Purchasing in Bulk from BELLA+CANVAS

When you decide to purchase in bulk from our company, we guarantee that you will be receiving the best products that we have to offer. Through a collaborative industry effort, we provide fashion-forward pieces straight from the retail industry at a wholesale price. Our company intersects multiple areas of the creative industry; across platforms like music, art, and entertainment, offering quality clothing for all of their design needs.

Whether your group is mixed-gender or you are searching for items for your local little league, we can dress them all. You can choose from various apparel pieces like t-shirts, bottoms, dresses, and intimates that range in size from extra small to quintuple extra large. With no minimum requirement for domestic orders, your brand does not have to worry about being burdened by overstock.

To purchase directly from BELLA+CANVAS, you must be a qualified contract printer or distributor.

What to Expect When You Buy Online

Before you make a final decision about that perfectly customized piecer for your brand, consider whether you want to shop directly with us or go through one of our trusted distributors. You can purchase the dropped shoulder sweatshirt from our partners in more than twenty-two different locations across the United States and Canada. If your business is overseas, you can purchase from nineteen different countries by reaching out via telephone, email, or e-commerce correspondence. Visit our link, Distributor Locator, to find a location nearest you.

As a qualified printer or distributor, account holders receive special perks with the company. Foremost, qualified members will receive access to our network of wholesale suppliers to ensure that your business can grow with you. Multiple resources and tools to help you move product and increase sales are also at your disposal as a BELLA+CANVAS member. New customers will also receive half off their purchase of any seven samples from our inventory within the calendar year.

Access to the company's FWD Fashion label has never been easier for members either. The eco-friendly line features runway-inspired looks that will elevate your brand's aesthetic. As a buyer, you can access new styles every month! With classic pieces, tye dye stained tops, and edgier options featuring raw hems and cutouts, we aim to satisfy your craving for the newest products now.

Consider the Savings When You Buy in Bulk

A major advantage of purchasing our products in bulk is the savings that await you. At our greatly discounted rate, you are receiving products at a lower price point so profit margins are clear.

We Aim to Supply Your Brand's Every Need

Over the years, we have differentiated ourselves in the wholesale market by maintaining an "Us vs. Them" type of mindset. At BELLA+CANVAS, we craft our apparel pieces so your customers can maintain a full range of motion. While other companies keep their production costs low by ignoring the importance of fit, we invest where it matters the most to ensure that your consumers will keep wearing their favorite branded apparel pieces. We implement this for every garment throughout the production process.

While craftsmanship is key to us, we also pride ourselves on giving wholesalers the option to choose what they want. Our inventories house millions of blank items for unisex styles/sizes, and children where your brand can easily find what best suits it, or choose from one of our featured collections. The Color Destination collection, for instance, lets you shop any hue imaginable from basic black and whites to richly saturated tones in unimaginably varied color gradations. To fully use this collection, your brand can also purchase a seasonal color card. This manual enables you to see which ink samples perfectly complement our fabric selections.

The Dropped Shoulder sweatshirt is a part of our Direct to Garment collection. This sponge fleece pullover is a polyester-cotton blend that comes in twenty-six different colors. The plush and sleek hand of the fabric and design of the garment were fashioned for maximum comfort.

We Make Size Selections Simple

We understand the frustration that comes from believing that you ordered a bulk item of one specific size only to realize that they are cut small or run too large. To ensure that we provide brands with the most consistently sized batches, we use technology-driven automated cutters to achieve clean results. On the product pages, the 'Size Chart' is where you will find the specifications for all of our sizes. To view the measurements of a particular garment, the 'Hang Tag' link under 'Product Details' provides more information.

Wholesale Crop Top Hoodies Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is a crop top hoodie?

Crop top hoodies are a fresh take on the classic pullover sweatshirt. It's one of the trendiest streetwear styles of the moment with its effortless and comfortable modern cut.

The BELLA+CANVAS wholesale crop top hoodie is a cotton-poly fleece blend, a popular fabric that combines cozy comfort with versatile style. Its raw edge and drop shoulder cut make it a perfect fit for Millennial and Gen Z buyers.

Add BELLA+CANVAS cropped fleece hoodies to your next branded women's collection. The modern colors, comfy fit, and luxurious material make it a must-have product for your customers.

Do wholesale crop top hoodies work for direct-to-garment printing?

Yes. BELLA+CANVAS crop top hoodies are made specifically with direct-to-garment (DTG) printing in mind. In addition, the wholesale crop top hoodie is specially produced with a 100% cotton surface to help mitigate dye migration when printing.

Cropped fleece hoodies must be pre-treated for DTG printing to ensure a quality print. BELLA+CANVAS recommends using poly ink and/or poly blocker for printing on crop top hoodies because they contain poly fleece.

Do wholesale crop top hoodies work for screen printing?

Yes. BELLA+CANVAS crop top hoodies are made from cotton-poly brushed fleece, making it an ideal fabric for screen printing.

BELLA+CANVAS recommends poly-blocking inks when screen printing to reduce dye migration. All wholesale apparel goes through an eco-dye process at the BELLA+CANVAS facilities, so nothing is over-dyed to minimize bleed.

For best results, cure ink at the lowest temperature recommended by your manufacturer.

Do wholesale crop top hoodies work for embroidery?

Yes. BELLA+CANVAS fleece hoodies are made of a high-quality ring-spun cotton and poly fleece blend, making it a stable fabric for embroidery. Fleece is an excellent embroidery fabric because it doesn't pill or fray, ensuring your products are top-of-the-line.

The premium fleece wholesale crop top hoodie by BELLA+CANVAS is a great piece to embroider because it's fashionable and timeless. With streetwear rising in popularity each year, the cropped fleece hoodie appeals to a broad range of customers. It's a great canvas to customize or add your unique embroidered brand.

What materials are Bella crop top hoodies made of?

The BELLA+CANVAS wholesale crop top hoodie is a high-quality blend. It's 52% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton and 48% poly fleece. BELLA+CANVAS only uses Airlume cotton to ensure quality in every wholesale piece.

BELLA+CANVAS' unique garments strike the perfect balance of comfort and strength, giving you an ideal blank canvas to create your product.

All BELLA+CANVAS crop top hoodies are 100% sweatshop free and produced in the most eco-friendly way possible. BELLA+CANVAS ethically manufactures every piece in its Los Angeles facility.

You can learn more about the BELLA+CANVAS mission to be different.

How do you measure a crop top hoodie?

The width of a BELLA+CANVAS wholesale crop top hoodie is measured 1" below the arm holes when the garment is laying flat.

The length of the crop top hoodie is measured starting at the high point of shoulder (HPS) to the bottom edge of the pullover.

All BELLA+CANVAS orders include easy-to-read size charts. If you want more information, the full measurement specification report is available.

What size range is available for drop-shoulder sweatshirts?

BELLA+CANVAS drop shoulder sweatshirts are available in a wide range of sizes. Women's sizes range from XS - 2XL and men's from XS - 5XL

You can contact a BELLA+CANVAS customer success representative for more detailed information about fleece hoodies and other styles.

What is the minimum order size for wholesale crop top hoodies?

BELLA+CANVAS does not require a minimum for domestic orders. International customers are required to order by the case. If you plan to order crop top hoodies or other apparel in bulk, please note that Bella +Canvas requires a signature upon delivery for all orders over $500. You must have a wholesale account to order directly through BELLA+CANVAS.

Can I mix and match sizes?

Yes. BELLA+CANVAS lets you mix and match sizes when placing a wholesale crop top hoodie order. If you want more customization, explore the BELLA+CANVAS Sample Program for more options.

Can I mix and match colors?

You can mix and match colors when ordering wholesale from BELLA+CANVAS. If you want to test colors before placing a wholesale order, try the BELLA+CANVAS Sample Program. Get 50% off on up to 7 samples per calendar year.

How long does shipping take for wholesale crop top hoodies?

All BELLA+CANVAS wholesale crop top hoodie orders will be fully processed and shipped via UPS within 1-2 business days. Same-day shipping orders must be placed before 1 pm Pacific Time for fulfillment. All orders received after 1 pm will ship out within 1-2 business days.

Dare to be Different with the BELLA+CANVAS Wholesale Crop Top Hoodie

The BELLA+CANVAS cropped fleece hoodie is a wholesale fan favorite, and it's easy to see why. The trendy drop shoulder cut and comfy cropped shape of the women's cropped fleece hoodie will give your brand the fresh, modern look you want a fit that your customers will love.

BELLA+CANVAS' crop top hoodies are made from the finest ring-spun Airlume cotton and ultra-soft sponge poly fleece blend. It's luxuriously soft and incredibly high-quality, making it the perfect canvas to print your branding or bold graphics with no dye migration

Add the premium fleece wholesale crop top hoodie to your fall or winter collection to give your customers cozy comfort with a modern fit.

Making Wholesale Easy and Fast

Whether you're new to ordering wholesale or you're a veteran, the BELLA+CANVAS team is here to take the stress out of product sourcing. There's no need to shop around for alternatives when BELLA+CANVAS has all the high-quality, fashion-forward apparel you need.

BELLA+CANVAS makes wholesale crop top hoodie purchases more accessible than ever when you shop with a wholesale account. Browse inventory based on style, color, and distributor. Request catalogs and color cards, so you know exactly what you're getting before ordering.

BELLA+CANVAS also offers a will-call option for customers near their Los Angeles location. You can pick up your wholesale crop top hoodie order within two hours after placing your order.

BELLA+CANVAS Colors Make Your Brand Stand Out

BELLA+CANVAS has one of the largest color palette catalogs in the wholesale industry. Beyond the standard black and white options, the BELLA+CANVAS wholesale crop top hoodie is available in nine unique colors you won't find anywhere else.

From the Gen Z favorite Heather Dust to the rich Atlantic colorway, BELLA+CANVAS has colors that will take your clothing line to the next level.

BELLA+CANVAS is always conducting trend research to keep its wholesale catalog fresh with new colors and cuts. Explore the BELLA+CANVAS trend guides to learn more.

Find the Right Fit

The BELLA+CANVAS wholesale crop top hoodie is made with your customer in mind. Easy-to-use size charts take the guesswork out of sizing products for you and your customers.

When you create with BELLA+CANVAS wholesale crop top hoodies, your customers can shop with ease and confidence. Build brand loyalty with the quality cuts and fabrics of BELLA+CANVAS apparel.

BELLA+CANVAS provides size charts for all products, including the best-selling women’s crop top hoodie.

Buy BELLA+CANVAS Wholesale Crop Top Hoodies in Bulk

BELLA+CANVAS wholesale is here to help you scale your business. With a BELLA+CANVAS wholesale account, you can easily place bulk orders for your next collection launch, holiday inventory stock up, and more. The streamlined shipping process quickly takes care of large bulk orders within 1-2 business days.

The BELLA+CANVAS wholesale crop top hoodie is a best-seller and a must-have to order in bulk. It has a modern cut with a classic feel that is easy to customize for your brand. Ordering in bulk will ensure you never run out of this popular piece.

Take the stress out of sourcing apparel for your next collection. Our BELLA+CANVAS Customer Success team is here to help you along the way with any questions or concerns you may have.

Create an online wholesale account today if you are a qualified contract printer or distributor. You can locate a local BELLA+CANVAS distributor.

BELLA+CANVAS Wholesale Crop Top Hoodies Are a Blank Canvas

Gone are the days of printing on boxy, unbreathable cotton shirts and sweatshirts.

BELLA+CANVAS's high-quality wholesale apparel is a blank slate for you to get your message across. Each BELLA+CANVAS item is ethically made in the United States from quality materials that can withstand screen printing, embroidering, heat transfers, and more.

BELLA+CANVAS only uses Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton to make its apparel. This standard ensures that every wholesale crop top hoodie has the best cotton for printing. Your DTG or screen printing ink will print smooth and flat on each BELLA+CANVAS piece.

BELLA+CANVAS also avoids over-dying with a high-quality eco-dye process. You will not have to worry about bleeding if you use discharge ink.

Wholesale Styles Customers Will Love

Ordering wholesale doesn't mean you have to use low-quality apparel that doesn't breathe and does pill. BELLA+CANVAS's cuts and materials are a fresh take on wholesale apparel. They have premium streetwear and athleisure wear that fits your customer, not the other way around.

From flowy pullovers to comfy crop top fleece hoodies, BELLA+CANVAS creates clothing with a modern mindset for the contemporary brand.

Airlume cotton is the softest ring-spun cotton on the market, and it's used in all BELLA+CANVAS fabric blends to ensure that each piece is as comfy as it gets.

BELLA+CANVAS is Thinking Outside the Wholesale Box

BELLA+CANVAS is redefining wholesale with their green and ethical approach to production. All their wholesale apparel is ethically made with the highest quality materials, right here in the United States.

BELLA+CANVAS is committed to environmental responsibility. Materials and production work hand in hand to minimize the environmental impact of creating wholesale apparel. All BELLA+CANVAS manufacturing facilities use 7x less water than their competitors, and almost all excess fabric is repurposed and recycled.

Moving the Needle Forward

Did you know BELLA+CANVAS is the largest apparel dyer and cutter in the United States? When you place a wholesale crop top hoodie order with BELLA+CANVAS, you move the needle forward for ethical wholesale production.

The company is Platinum WRAP certified and has created over 1,000 jobs in Los Angeles. You're supporting local economies and livelihoods by ordering wholesale with BELLA+CANVAS.

BELLA+CANVAS Private Label Program

If you are looking for fully customizable wholesale apparel, BELLA+CANVAS has got you covered. Our Private Label Program allows you to create custom wholesale orders for your brand.

BELLA+CANVAS offers customizations for patterns, stitching, colors, and fabrics. They also provide custom labels and sample development to ensure your product vision becomes a reality. For example, if you're looking to customize a wholesale crop top hoodie order, the BELLA+CANVAS team can sew branded labels into the pullovers.

Learn more about the BELLA+CANVAS Private Label Program lead times and minimum orders today through our contact us page.

Purchase Directly Through Bella + Canva and Save Big

Cut costs without cutting quality when you place your wholesale crop top hoodie order directly with BELLA+CANVAS. Ordering through other third-party sites adds unnecessary fees and can compromise product quality.

Avoid knock-offs and wannabe apparel. By ordering wholesale directly with BELLA+CANVAS, you get top-notch customer service, speedy turnaround time of orders, and peace of mind that the clothing you receive is 100% sweatshop free and made in America.

Wholesale Crewneck Sweatshirt Most Commonly Asked Questions

Here’s what you need to know about ordering bulk crewneck sweatshirts and other styles from BELLA+CANVAS. We offer a wide range of styles made with premium quality materials in a variety of colors and sizes. No matter your personal brand or target market, you’ll find something to suit your business.

What are our bulk crewneck sweatshirts?

Our bulk crewneck sweatshirts are fashion-forward styles made with premium fleece and other materials. Loved for their cozy material and relaxed look, we have a wide range of fits — including classic crewneck pullovers, a relaxed drop-shoulder design, or a streetwear-ready raw seam style.

We also sell men’s, women’s, unisex, and more styles — so there’s always something to suit your brand and customers.

As a wholesale supplier, we offer all these styles and more in bulk. This means retailers and businesses can score premium styles at an unbeatable price to sell in your store. Whether you sell blank styles as-is or customize them with your own graphics, wording, or other designs, you can rest assured you’re getting premium-quality crewneck sweatshirts at the best price.

Why are bulk crewneck sweatshirts so popular?

Crewneck sweatshirts are a timeless style that’s a staple in every wardrobe. While often thought of as a more casual style, recent years have shown that just because a piece of clothing is cozy doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish and pull an outfit together.

Loungewear, athleisure, and streetwear have become more of a focal point in people’s wardrobes. Even as some have gone back to the office — or doing hybrid working from home some days and going to the office other days — crewneck sweatshirts are a piece that many people love styling for any and every day. They can easily be paired with matching sweatpants for a sleek uniform look. Or, they can be styled with a pair of more tailored pants for a work-ready feel.

And because they’re easily layered with other garments, they’re loved no matter the time of year. Whether someone’s personal style is preppy, more minimal, or bright and bold, crewnecks are a popular piece in every closet.

Can you do direct-to-garment printing on crewneck sweatshirts?

While direct-to-garment (DTG) printing works best on 100% cotton, crewneck sweatshirts made with a blend of cotton, polyester, and other materials are also suitable. The polyester in our blends acts more like a cotton than a plastic fiber, making it much easier to DTG print than many other wholesalers’ blends.

All it takes is a little testing to make sure you get your desired results!

Because our bulk pullover crewneck sweatshirts are made with a blend of cotton and polyester, you’ll want to play with the pretreat and do a wash and scratch test to ensure the DTG printing holds up. If you’re looking to get bright, bold designs, we also recommend doing a white underbase.

How do you do screen printing on bulk crewneck sweatshirts?

Screen printing is a great way to customize blank crewneck sweatshirts with graphics, wording, and any other bold designs you can dream up.

Just as with any printing method, we recommend doing some trials to ensure you get the result you want. And with our sweatshirts, which are made with a premium blend of polyester and fleece, we recommend using a poly ink and/or poly blocker. This ensures the color turns out well on the fabric.

Don’t be afraid to play with different colored fabrics and inks to see what designs you can create with screen printing!

Is the fabric on crewneck sweatshirts okay for embroidery?

The best fabric for embroidery is a thicker material because it helps the embroidery threads hold together better. This makes crewneck sweatshirts one of the best materials to embroider.

Create a small graphic to embroider on the breast of the sweatshirt, or design a large logo to display across the chest. No matter the design you dream up, crewneck sweatshirts are the perfect garment for custom embroidery.

How do you measure a crewneck sweatshirt to get the right size?

Whether your business is online, in-person, or a mix of both, you know how important it is to help customers choose the right size to minimize exchanges and returns. BELLA+CANVAS offers size charts you can display right on your site or in-store to help customers choose the perfect size every time.

There are two important measurements to know for crewneck sweatshirts:

  • Body Length from HPS: This is the length of the sweatshirt, from the highest point on the shoulder to the bottom hem.
  • Chest: This goes from the leftmost point of the chest to the rightmost point.

Helping customers understand these two measurements will help them find the perfect fit — whether they like a more relaxed style or they want it snug on their bodies.

What sizes are available for bulk crewneck sweatshirts?

We know how important it is for businesses and their customers to have a range of sizes to fit all bodies. This is why we offer a wide range of sizes you can choose from when ordering bulk crewneck sweatshirts.

Our crewnecks are available from an XS to a 2XL, so all your customers can find the perfect fit.

What is the maker’s program for crafters?

Our maker’s program is for U.S. resident artists and creators who want to see their designs come to life on wearable garments but don’t want to worry about the technicalities of a resale license. Makers can shop over 300 colors of styles of garments to put their designs on through BELLA+CANVAS.

Ready to bring your designs to life? Apply for our maker’s program.

Can I get a variety of sizes and colors of crewneck sweatshirts together in the same order, or are there minimums?

Domestic orders through BELLA+CANVAS have no size, quantity, or color minimums — meaning you can order whatever mix you need for your store. Whether you need 5, 50, or 500 of each size and color — or a variety of each — you can order just what you need for your business.

International orders have a minimum of one case per style, size, and color.

How long does shipping take for a bulk order of crewneck sweatshirts?

From the time you place your order, we allow 1 to 2 business days for processing.

Orders placed before 12pm PST are usually filled same-day, while those after the cutoff will be processed the following business day. Our cutoff time for same-day and express shipments is 2pm PST.

Once orders have been processed, you can expect them to ship within 1 business day if placed Monday through Friday. Other orders can be expected to ship the next business day.

See the benefits of purchasing crewneck sweatshirts in bulk from BELLA+CANVAS

BELLA+CANVAS makes it easy to order bulk crewneck sweatshirts and other designs in a wide range of styles, materials, and colors. With hundreds of color options and a focus on quality materials, you know you’re offering customers the garments they want and that will last.

We know it’s important for you to sell only premium-made wholesale styles in your shop. That’s why we use quality materials, like ring-spun and combed cotton. This is not only softer — but it also holds up better. You won’t have to worry about garments falling apart after one or two wears.

BELLA+CANVAS also has no minimum size, style, or color quantity requirements on domestic orders. This means you can order just the sizes, styles, and colors you need — and nothing more. When you shop with BELLA+CANVAS, you can rest assured that you’re getting wholesale crewneck sweatshirts made with top-quality materials in the perfect colors to fit your brand. That’s the BELLA+CANVAS difference.

Explore the different styles and materials of bulk crewneck sweatshirts

BELLA+CANVAS offers bulk crewneck sweatshirts in a wide range of styles and materials.

We have a wide range of fits to choose from, including a classic sponge fleece sweatshirt, a raglan sweatshirt, drop shoulder styles, a crewneck with side zippers, a raw seam pullover, and more. And with a focus on fashion, we’re constantly updating our product offerings with new styles. As a wholesaler, we know how important it is for brands to offer fashion-forward styles in garments that continue to look good over time.

Our crewnecks are made with a premium blend of combed and ring-spun cotton and polyester, giving them a cozy, breathable feel. Whether you want minimal, neutral colors or bright and bold hues, you’re sure to find the perfect blend of styles and materials that suit your brand. There’s no shortage of styles and colors to explore with BELLA+CANVAS.

Discover blank, customizable styles for your brand’s needs

If you’re looking to bring designs to life with print and embroidery, BELLA+CANVAS has the perfect blank, customizable styles for your business’ needs.

Choose from a wide range of sizes and fits to customize with your own DTG printing, screen printing, embroidery, and more. We offer more than 300 color options for our garments, allowing you to choose the exact shade you need for your design vision. You can also work with one of our qualified full-service decorators, who can customize our blank styles with the printing or embroidery designs you envision.

If you’re looking for the ultimate customization, you can check out our private label program. This allows you to go above and beyond to personalize everything from the thread color to branded labels in your crewneck sweatshirts.

Save big by purchasing in bulk with BELLA+CANVAS

When you purchase in bulk with BELLA+CANVAS, you score unbeatable deals on crewneck sweatshirts and other styles. Ordering in bulk means you get a discounted price compared to many other competitors, allowing you to maximize your return on investment.

With BELLA+CANVAS, you know you’re getting premium materials and investing in quality.

Plus, with no minimum style, size, or color requirements on domestic orders, you don’t have to order an excess number of any garment just to meet a threshold. You can order just the quantity of each style, size, and color you need.

What to consider when buying crewneck sweatshirts in bulk

When ordering bulk crewneck sweatshirts, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

First and foremost, you’ll want to find a wholesale supplier that offers a range of fashion-forward styles to suit your branding. Search for a wholesaler that knows what styles are on the pulse with the fits your customers want but won’t go out of style anytime soon. This will ensure you won’t be struggling to sell the styles you bought in bulk three months from now.

Another important factor is to search for a wholesaler who focuses on quality materials while still offering competitive prices. Search for materials like ring-spun and combed cotton over C.O.E. This ensures you’ll be buying pieces that will hold up over time — instead of paying the lowest price for cheap garments that will fall apart after one or two wears.

Offering fashion-forward, bulk crewneck sweatshirt styles made with quality materials at unbeatable prices, BELLA+CANVAS is the top retailer for wholesale.

It’s easy to buy directly with BELLA+CANVAS

No matter if you’re an established larger business or a small business just starting out, it’s easy to order with BELLA+CANVAS.

Qualified printers or distributors (PPAI/ASI) can shop directly through BELLA+CANVAS. You can order directly with a representative by emailing sales@ballacanvas.com. Or, if you want to shop around our site and explore styles on your own, you can create an account. You’ll need to enter information like your company name and resale license, and once you’re approved, you can start ordering!

Those who don’t have a resale license can order through one of our qualified full-service decorators (printers and embroiderers). They make it easy to create your custom designs on any bulk crewneck sweatshirts and other styles.

No matter your business size, BELLA+CANVAS has options that make ordering styles for your store a breeze.

Help your customers choose the right size every time

With size charts that you can list directly on your site or in-store, BELLA+CANVAS makes it easy to help your customers choose the perfect size every single time. 

With measurements from the high point shoulder (HPS) to the bottom seam and across the chest, you can make it easy for customers to determine the perfect fit — whether they want an oversized or more fitted feel.

Enabling your customers to choose the perfect size minimizes returns and exchanges creates an easier shopping experience for them and helps you limit losses from those who had trouble finding the right size.

Introducing the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee: The Perfect Canvas for Custom Printing

Are you looking for a high-quality, versatile t-shirt that feels like a well-loved favorite? Look no further than the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee. This updated essential is designed with superior combed and ring-spun cotton, making it the ideal blank canvas for all your printing needs.

With its classic crew neck and short sleeves, this tee offers a comfortable and timeless style for both men and women. The side-seamed construction ensures a flattering fit, while the shoulder taping enhances durability, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Crafted from 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee provides exceptional softness and breathability. The fabric's 32 single 4.2 oz. weight strikes the perfect balance between comfort and durability.

Unparalleled Cotton Quality

At BELLA+CANVAS, we take pride in using only the finest materials, and our BELLA+CANVAS 3001 Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee is no exception. 

We utilize Airlume Combed and Ringspun Cotton, a signature cotton that differentiates us from other brands. What makes it special? It's 25% cleaner, as we go the extra mile to remove more impurities from the cotton fibers. This meticulous process results in an exceptionally soft and smooth shirt, providing the perfect surface for printing.

The luxurious feel of our cotton is not only a treat for the senses but also ensures exceptional comfort against the skin. Our BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee maintains its softness and shape even after countless wears, making it a favorite choice for those seeking long-lasting quality.

Unmatched Quality with Side Seams

Regarding the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee, we do not settle for anything less than the best. That is why we have incorporated a key feature that sets our tee apart: side seams.

We want you to know that side seams are not just an afterthought for us – they are a telltale sign of a premium tee. You might be surprised to learn that many people are unaware of this little detail. Once you experience the difference, you will not settle for anything less.

Why do side seams matter? They play a crucial role in shaping and cutting the shirt to perfection. By embracing side seams, we ensure our tee fits like a glove. It is all about that tailored fit and flattering silhouette that makes heads turn.

Pre-Shrunk Perfection

Regarding the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee, we have taken another step to ensure your satisfaction: pre-shrunk. And let us tell you, that is a game-changer for both the fit and your design.

We understand that predictable shrinkage is a big deal. Cotton, in particular, can shrink up to a whopping 20%, which can significantly alter the measurements of a garment. Talk about a size down or even more!

We have seen it happen with many t-shirts and other garments out there. They shrink in, and they shrink up, or sometimes both. This shrinkage distorts the shirt's shape and wreaks havoc on your meticulously crafted designs. All that time and effort is put into printing or embroidery, only to see it compromised by unwanted shrinkage.

But fear not! At BELLA+CANVAS, we believe in proactive measures. 

That is why we shrink our fabric before it is cut and sewn. By doing so, we drastically reduce the probability of shrinkage, well below the industry standard. That means your customers can say goodbye to the worries of drastic shrinkage, and you can bid farewell to unnecessary returns and exchanges.

With our pre-shrunk BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee, you can confidently offer a garment that fits perfectly from the get-go and maintains its shape and integrity wash after wash. It is a win-win situation that ensures both your customers' satisfaction and the longevity of your designs.

Frequently Asked Questions about BELLA+CANVAS 3001 Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee

What is the fabric composition of the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee?

The BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee is made of 100% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, offering superior softness and comfort. The Ash color variant blends 99% Airlume combed, ring-spun cotton, and 1% poly, ensuring a perfect balance between softness and durability.

Is the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee suitable for both men and women?

Yes, the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee is designed with a unisex fit, making it suitable for all genders. Its versatile design and range of sizes ensure a comfortable fit for everyone.

How does the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee fit?

The BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee features a retail fit, which means it has a modern, slightly tailored shape. It is not too loose or tight, providing a comfortable and flattering fit for most body types. To ensure the best fit, we recommend referring to the size chart available on our website.

Can I customize the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee with my own designs or logos?

Absolutely! The BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee is the perfect canvas for expressing your creativity. Whether you want to showcase your unique designs, company logos, or personalized messages, this tee offers an excellent surface for custom printing. Its high-quality fabric and construction allow for vibrant colors and sharp details in your designs.

What printing techniques are recommended for the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee?

The BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee is compatible with various printing techniques, including screen printing, heat transfer, DTG (Direct-to-Garment) printing, and embroidery. Each method offers different advantages and effects, so you can choose the one that best suits your design and budget. 

For specific printing recommendations and guidelines, check out our Printing Recommendations section.

Is the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee durable?

Yes, the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee attends to durability. The side-seamed construction and shoulder taping enhance the tee's durability and provide a better shape and fit. The high-quality fabric and stitching ensure that the tee can withstand regular wear, washing, and printing,, maintaining its quality over time.

How should I care for my BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee?

We recommend following the care instructions to keep your BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee in great condition. Generally, machine washing with cold water and tumble drying on low or air drying is suitable for maintaining the tee's quality.

Where can I find detailed specifications for the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee?

For more detailed specifications, you can Download the Item Specs and have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

Are there additional branding options available for the BELLA+CANVAS 3001 tee?

Explore our Share Hang Tag options to complete your branding or personal touch. Add a professional finishing touch to your t-shirts with custom hang tags that reflect your style and elevate the overall presentation.

Experience the difference of BELLA+CANVAS 3001 Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee and elevate your apparel game. Order today and let the excellence of our cotton shine through in every print and wear.

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