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Adrian Cruz, Extreme Graphics
The fine knit takes ink really well--from plastisol, to water based to foils
Suzie, Greek Well
We use BELLA+CANVAS because our customers want fashion-forward styles.
Michell, Be Real Tees
I tested a bunch of blanks and BELLA+CANVAS came out well ahead of the rest.
Jose, Cotton Hustle
My customers make more money when they go with BELLA+CANVAS.
Javier, Vilanova Design
I've got shirts that I made years ago that look nearly as good as the day I made them.
Michael, Starting a T-shirt Brand
I love the quality and fit, and it's the right price point for someone like me just entering the business.
Andy, Capt. Jerry's
My customers really like the soft fit--that?s the main difference between other brands.
James, Pride & Passion T-Shirts
These tee are flattering on women of all sizes.
Ryan, SRVS
We use the BELLA+CANVAS blanks because not only is the material and fit great, but they're also a great value.
Christine, MSC Print House
It's awesome to be able to offer retail trends to the wholesale market, and BELLA+CANVAS is our way of doing that.
Ethan, Resilient Printing
The side-seaming is always perfect, the fit is great and it's one of the softest tees I've found that maintains softness and comfort throughout the life of the t-shirt
Scott, HB Productz
Our customers naturally gravitate towards BELLA+CANVAS product because of the quality, the great fit and the diversity of styles.
Ara, Rapt Clothing
When it comes to premium fleece and that spongy softness-I don't know what you do or how you do it, but no one else comes close!
Jim, So Cal Promotions
We've compared BELLA+CANVAS to all the other brands out there, and when you look at price per quality, it can't be beat.
Justin, Houndstooth Press
Everybody always says BELLA+CANVAS is the softest t-shirt they own and as soon as they open up the box they know it's going to be something they love.
Dave, Aztec Screen Printing
I've been in the business for 20 years and I use BELLA+CANVAS because it is literally the best product I can possibly get.
Stanley, Get Smart Promotions
It doesn't feel like a BELLA+CANVAS shirt was born into an industry that is about cheap imprinting on promotional shirts. It feels more retail.
Danny, Dever Printhouse
BELLA+CANVAS has kept the thought of the printer in mind. We were blown away with how Black Heather Discharges
Bryan, Ryonet Screen Printing
We try to pair the companies we work with and the ideals we strive for ? we love forward thinking companies like BELLA+CANVAS
Jon Weiss, New Buffalo Shirts
Their whole mission on being eco-friendly, they're doing the right thing for the industry.
Lisa Karns, Boundary Waters Screen Printing
The cut, the fabric, the price....it's great.
Brett Bowden, Printed Threads
BELLA+CANVAS has done a great job of innovating and bringing fashion apparel to the wholesale market place
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